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Early morning blues..

Does not an hour seem but a lifetime in the eyes of those standing alone?
Would not a single kiss remodel the tormented insides of a barren landscape of a man if only he would conjure enough truth to his dissintigration?
The pale moon lingers, as if mocking me in the faded wounds of my own hearts contempt,
Yet she has grown distant, and I.. am alone,
The preachings of those held captive to loves cyclone seem falsified in all its burden and triumph,
Chaos spawns in a tumultuous blend of sad seconds dragging throughout a mind as if day were destined to be stabbed and were unable to rise,
See it through as a romantic, to carry that single rose, whose petals bloom even in the solemn cries of winter,
For it's petals may once more prove that love is not only existant, but within reach,
Time slows in its vortex to spy on my insecurities as a fly in a frogs tongue,
With escape not permitted, the pushing delerium in lovers eyes fades as a ripple in the sea, upon dropping a pebble to its ultimate invisibility,
Each syllable of a mumbled word is a carefully developed speech formatted to only those whose long perished ears may listen,
Aye, the pirates of the night sky, the very stars themselves refuse to shine, or visibly reflect in mine eyes,
I have been transformed into a nocturnal being,
Craving loves dreams, denied by lonely sleep,
Only may those soaring yet a few inches above my head smell the enriched fear emanating from the depths of my lonelines,
For I, am the current time's Romeo,
And I, like him, have been banished.
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