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all the papers lie tonight

don't ask me why i'm actually updating this thing.. i guess there's just nothing better to do really. i have been writing songs, recording and sending demo's to labels.. layzie's manager emailed me and wanted a copy of the demo so i sent it the other day.

i've been performing every other thursday, which is awesome. it's a lot of fun. marc and i did a show together a few days ago.

nick and i saw lord of the rings with my mom.. she brought tissues and i was like.. mom who's gonna cry during this damn movie.. lol i bawled like half the movie.. it was so epic. (lol eric)

met a few girls who like me, so i'll date around and who knows what will happen from there. i broke up with jamie cuz she was just... meh. she's cool but.. meh. we're too different. oh well.. she was fun to be with.

ummm nothin else really, i work today, then i'm off all week.
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