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This weekend was awesome. Steph had a birthday party and Chuck E Cheez then at her house.. oh LOrd that girl is amazing.. Marc has some sort of problem with her, he doesn't like her at all.

He Imd her a told her to not talk to me cuz he doesn't want me getting involved with a stupid retarded girl like her but Abbey told me (she doesn't have her phone hooked up cuz she just moved into her appartment) that she doesn't let anything he says influence her decisions because I'm the one that stands out.. Oh Lord life is a dream. I'm glad he stands up for me and wants what's best for me. He's the best friend I could ever have, besides Teran, who's a brother to me, but he and Marc are both brothers to me, so is Nick, he's always been a best friend to me.

It's awesome that I can surround myself with such fucking awesome people since I'm not with that cyco depressed mess anymore, cuz that really brough me down. Now, and just now, I'm livin' my life and it's ammmaaaaazing.

Marc and I chilled today for awhile and worked on some songs and stuff. We came up with some sick beats because of the drum rolls and piano rolls on the ejay program.. haha. I wrote a bunch of new songs and started recording some.

Hole In Our Hearts has been recreated, A new song called Don't Judge Me is done, it goes out to everyone who claims to know me but don't understand me one bit, Programmed is about how life is programmed when you're not an individual, cuz there's plenty of people who aren't, If Only You Knew is about all the shit I've been through and nobody understands, My Time is a remake, I Think Aboutchu is really pop and sellable, so that's being redone to have no mention of Andy or a subject, but there is one in mind, it just has to be reworked to match the new beat and new standing in life, and there is another song called Guided By Twins for Amanda and Jackie.

Marc is featured on about half of the tracks. Our music is soooo fuckin' siiick.

Tomorrow should be coo, I'm chillin' with Steph a lot in school and prolly after school so I can take her out and whatnot.. oh jees she is the most gorgeous girl inside and out..

I also found (random thought) a bunch of SNES NES and GBA roms that all work, which is pretty badasss. haha. So I can play em in my room. I got some that weren't even released yet.. haha.

Work went sorta slow today. It was a good day because it was beautiful out! I did carts a bit but got to chill with Eric and not really do anything.. haha. I wrote songs on my break and came up with a lot of the material I just finished.

Kindra came over.. she still wants to be with me but I'm not really down.. heh.. o well.
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