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Alone in the zone drunk by myself...


There's not too much really to write about. I've been pretty sure Jill wasn't going to bother being my friend.. but we're gonna hang out tomorrow.

School has been going well. I did well on tests and homework and all that shit. I have been chilling at Nates and going to Josh's parties, which tend to get out of control. Oh well.. with Jen there things were.. hehe.. interesting.. it was fun.

I have been chilling with Marc, and we recorded some songs. I am making all my own beats and I don't even want to bother with people anymore, not at this point. Not too much anyway. I am making beats and recording songs, and they are sooo professional. I will take them to NYC myself in a few weeks and get signed and leave this fucking place.

I get my own computer tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that.

Tara is grounded.. but her mom let's her chill with me. hehe. yeea! I'm gonna try and take her to her homecoming if her mom is cool with that, even though she's grounded. If she is, I'm gonna bring the homecoming to her: slow music, a dozen roses, and watch some movies and whatnot. I'm allowed at the house and stuff she just apparently can't leave.. haha. Oh well.. I've proved to be a creative bastard before. My dad told me some interesting details about Tara.. and I found out what she wants.

And I'm down. In the terms of a relationship, even. The girl's an angel. We'll see. :)
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