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I quit every game I play..


I havn't been sleeping very well lately. I took my Sociology test. I studied a lot for it.. I wasn't necessarily worried about it, because I don't worry about things like that. But I knew most every answer, so I'm sure I did well on it. I chilled with Chris while he played pool.. he got owned by a flirt who's thong was hanging out the entire time.. me and Melanie Hill laughed our asses off every time she took a shot.

I am sposed to call Daryl, but his line is always bizzy.. meh. He raps his voicemail too.. haha, he's hardcore as shyt.

Fruity Loops is not as difficult to use as I had once thought. I made a beat that is currently untitled. It has the blips reminiscent of Forgot about Dre, and the beat is really funky and black. haha. I added some android sounds like in Reighteous Ones, and then some symbols and orchestrated melodies. It came out pretty well for a first try. heh.

Nate Dogg chilled with me yesterday. Chinc was there. We watched Big Trouble in Little China, the funnies movie in the world.. omg it's not even meant to be a comedy.

I have still been kinda fucked up, and I have trouble umm, I dunno, being happy. :/ Then my mom gets on my nerves, and I tend to get impatient with her.. Jen wants to see me this Friday, so I'm prolly gonna take advantage of that.. I've always liked that girl, she's one of those people just plain comforting to be around. I know she still wants to be with me.. I'm not sure what I want in the terms of relationships.


go away
come back with a .38
body rott n meet yo fate


yeeeeah alicia cheered me up last night though :)
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