Zack (eckoman) wrote,

Everything you long for and the things you don't, all in Tinseltown..

more pat drama, but fuck it, who cares? me and him don't mix, so it doesn't really matter. she doesn't want me out of her life, and she told me she will always love me as a friend, and she wants me around to be a friend to her, best friends if i am willing, which of course i am. :) so this is good.

i've just been chillin' tonight.. i finished my homework, and then eric and emily came over. we watched grave of the fireflies, a really awesome anime movie. it was really cool watching the english language. language is the basis of culture, and without it no societies or culture could exist. the japanese version is almost completely different.. it's the same movie but the voice actors are different. i enjoyed the japanese version better.. reading the text and hearing a different language added a depth of sincerity to the movie, and meh bla bla bla lol it was really good.

i go back to school tomorrow, and i'm looking forward to talking with daryl an chris. they are really thugged out rappers that want to work with me. sweet. I burned some copies of my cd for them, and i'm anxious to hear their responses.

teran came back this weekend, and it was awesome because we played games and rapped the whole night.. haha teran was freestyling, and it was the funniest thing in the world. i dug it. nick was with us, and we woke up my stepdad and he was stuttering something boring today.. lol. oh welllll

i'm chillin' with matava this coming weekend. she needs help in final fantasy nine.. lol it's awesome. she's played games as long as me. haha i can't wait to see dejon and them, those kids are sooo adorable.. a three year old with poofball snoop dogg-ish hair. lol it's great.

time to stop writing cuz i don't have anything really interesting to say.
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