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verse i wrote tonite

It starts with a cramp in the stomache,
A permanent drunkenness,
Pills add to the twisting of pain, sunk in this numbness,
Sex with miscellaneous women makes the hole deeper,
A never ending plunge to a heart that grows weaker,
My mother don't understand, she whispered a prayer,
My faith dwindled away, captive like Princess Leia,
Cries interrupt the crickets song, they quit chirpin,
I wish I's one of them to be crushed, to stop hurtin',
I recall the first time I spoke to our Lord God,
Asked him if this was truly life, he replied I kid you not,
It's like a photograph that captures the remnants of an object,
When it comes to true love, I'm dependant on the topic,
Bitterness hits worse than my father did mom,
I can't get through to myself, step off the intercom,
Messages texted through worried Ex's was not neglected,
She swore it wadn't my fault but ultimately I wrecked it,
Awake, daydreamin' about sunshine and picnics,
At first light I churn the oven, up rises Bisquick,
My appetite has long since perished,
Vanished, dismantled, AHHH I barely even manage,
The shower is a waterfall to shield my teardrops,
Friends throw' parties, but I can hardly cheer up,
Beers up! They make a toast, ask why he doesn't hear us?
Ostricized like circus freaks, wake up, there's a clear must,
Crashed at friends cribs watch em take ten swigs,
Unconscious grins drove me demented,
Got Christmas cards tacked to the wall with memories,
Becomin' a celebrity seems my only remedy,
Best friends are enemies, quick to bring the end of me,
Healing is a piece of paper and pen to tend to me,
I'm drowning in reality, the water's so shallow,
Perhaps I'd be better off with a cold steel barrel,
Placed against my jaw to be free like a sparrow,
The beast can only be dropped by a silver arrow,
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