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there's no indecision.. we were turning that key inside..

I might have put this in already, I forget.. but I am not gonna censor this, because it's mine in which to portray thoughts and feeling.

I have been fighting more and more with Jill lately.. not very fun.. it hurts, and I'm tired of it. Pat told me to get out of her life and that she told him that's what she wanted. I told him to fuck off because his wants mean nothing to me. Since I believed it was what she wanted, I obliged but she said it wasn't, so Pat has yet again lied to me trying to kick me out of the picture. Well I AM the picture motherfucker so get used to it.

Aside from that, I went to school today.. I took five pages of notes in sociology, and it was pretty interesting. Why people interact the way they do, and what types of societies evolved and how they are controlled is like water pouring over your head in the desert. It clears your mind and you begin to understand the world in terms that were coined by people like Marx, Weber, Durkheim and others. It's great! I love that class .

Work was interesting.. there was a new girl named Whitney. She seems really cool. We had break together. We sat in her car and listened to music and talked. She's in HACC also, so we are probably going to get something to eat tomorrow, and probably see a movie or something this weekend. She has very friendly eyes, and she just seems like a fun loving girl. I enjoyed talking with her. She has this sense of humor that's funny.. she said "My system is more white people-ish than black." I was like omg you're awesome. lol She seems really cool.

The new Seal CD is getting worn in my CD Player. It's sooo beautiful. The songs sound reminiscent of Seal II, and they really hit hard. Not even in a bad way, they are just wonderful to listen to.

I figured I'd call Sara since has been coming into Giant since I started there.. haha. She said she'd love to get together this weekend. Apparently that pissed Jill off. I don't want her to be mad, this is not revenge, it's me meeting new people and if she didn't want to, she'd say no. so.. meh. We'll see what happens.

Arghh... time to finish Theatre homework..
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