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i went to the bone thugs n harmony concert at the electric factory in philadelphia with andy and josh, and got to meet BONE THUGS!!! Bone took my demo and chilled with me and pointed me out during the show cuz I got hooked up with a Bone shirt and a hat and a cd. Layzie Bone signed my hat and i gave them copies of my demo. the tour ends the 31 of this month and Layzie said theyd gimme a call soon.

"you remind me of myself when I ran up on eazy-e and jus started rappin. you a pimp, and that gots nuttin to do wit no hoes, it gots to do wit bein determinded, strong willed, humble and hard workin. you came here knowin what u wanted and broughtcha demo and its all good, bone's gon give you a call." --- Layzie Bone

I also met their manager and tech nine and he also took a copy of the demo, so did a new group layzie signed called Con-R-Tist. I chilled wit T-Why from that group for a good half hour.

Bone is the nicest group ever, all that hard stuff is no act, they are really ghetto but man they are the nicest people in the world. especially lil Lay-lee.

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