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Nick went to homecoming, and so I was thinking back to Prom and it sucks that the entire thing was ruined. This was around the time I was being told how she talks about Pat nonstop and her face lights up and she's like in love with him. When confronted, she said some sweet bullshit that went in one ear and out the other, because she never treated me good unless she thought I was mad at her. She was crying "oh baby I love you and only you! Pat's just a friend, I'd never leave you for him." haha I can laugh because through this entire situation, I've always been honest, and she's been the filthy rat who LIEES LIES and LIES some more. I don't know how she can think she justified anything when she's a backstabbing selfish heartless ho. She has no consience.

Krysten says she and Pat burned all Ben's weeeeed... how does she smoke up if she burned all of it?

I'm getting together with Jaci tonight, I havn't seen her in awhile. She's real coo.

Marc and I recorded some more songs, and they are turning out really awesome. The BTNH concert is next weeeeeeek YESSSS
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