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A bit older and I'm startin' to be a bother, moms cant stand me cuz im lookin like my father

Jill and I have been fighting a lot so I told her it's all over and I'll move on with my life without her. She wasted a year and a half of my life, and what's fucked up is that she never REALLY cared about me. Meh.. I'm better off without her, she destroys everything she comes into contact with.

Work has been going well. My hours are fixed up, and it's easier to accomplish shit. Heh. Bea said she is trying to find us the best deal possible, so that's still on track.

Pat told me last night to move on because Jill said I never did anything for her and I wasted her time. He told me that she said I'm normal and nothing special, not worth being held in high regard. I'm simple and there's nothing to learn, and what's there is boring. I don't think deep enough to fulfill her interests in the universe because I'm a conformed loser who wastes deep thinker's (like hers) time. I never showed her I loved her (????) and never had any important conversation with her, just bitching about my father and work. WELLLL FUCK YOU TOO. I tied to talk and she never would. She saved it for Captain Planet. I was NO different than Andy and relied on "stupid songs" to help me through problems. (cuz she was never there obviously)

Weelllllllll I'll just go be my simple self and make millions while the maniacs get institutionalized for trying to live in the rainforest, or they'll die of disease, which is funny because Jill couldn't survive one night without a wittle bwanky and her fucking pillow. She couldn't even handle her camping trip, how's she going to sleep in mud in the forest? Those two deranged individuals will go to college and work 9 to 5's just like everybody else. There's nothing else. They're dreaming. haha and then she'll realize the the truth is. We ARE captive and its impossible to break free. so we won't, and we won't try unless we want to deal with punishments. I dont.

lol she doesn't realize how huge the label that reads BULLSHIT is on this fucking psychotic idea. She needs mental help. Pat encourages her to run from reality. It doesn't matter though, because I walk away with a clean conscience. All the girls that wanted to fuck me now have the chance and I'm not tied down by a fake/nonexisant girlfriend. Her corpse was with me, her entire being was always elsewhere. And that's MY fault? Time to go back to your therapist honey. I LAUGH at the idea of her being with a clone of her brother, an alcoholic and drug user who IS GAY and will ditch her when he finds a big strong man. As soon as he finds a guy who believes ishmael it's bye bye jill.

Meh, end of entry. People are fucked up.
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