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bla bla bla

I have nothing really to write.. I've been kinda down and just bored with life lately.. Bea keeps reassuring me that things are on track but nothing has happened yet so I'm like yea.. waiting sucks..

I write and write some more and that's about it.. I've had a bunch of dates though and stuff.. lots of girls interested so I'm gonna take em all out and see what's up. heh

hmmm im sposed to visit jen and kindra at college, and kindras roomate wants to lay me and i dont even know her.. ill meet her though when i go up there.
hehe, yeeeea

well umm im takin jaci out fri and thats the only one im honestly interested in, shes awesome

I'm chillin with nate a lot, and thats about all there is to do. nates awesome tho and we chill and act sooo ghetto lol

im out cuz i fuckin hate this journal
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