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Throw me a lifeline won't you please.. I'm watchin' the news and I'm not at ease.

Northern sun.. we're walking down that same avenue..
I look at the world and it's heavenly.. it's a miracle place to be.. why does anyone have to die, did you ever wonder why?

Things have been going decently I guess. I finally found out how to set up my voicemail account, which has been bugging me because it wouldn't take my phone number.

I've come to the conclusion that maybe Jill never calls me or calls me back because 1) she really doesn't want me around but wants to let me down easy 2) she can't waste minutes on me when she has pat. She hasn't been online for awhile, so I imagine she blocked me again or something.

Oh well, whatever. There's nothing to be upset about, we're not together, but that's not how you treat a friend..

I heard from Kinda yesterday.. her roommate moved out because she is uncomfortable living with a bi chick.. that's really stupid. Some people can't help the way they are, and shouldn't be put down for it. Jen is coming down from Ship. soon, and Teran doesn't want to come home.. his parents get on his nerves.

The guys came over and we freestyled for an hour last night. I was on a roll, so were they! We are getting better, and my rhymes are becoming more complex and BET: The Bassment worthy.. haha.

omg I was soo sick yesterday on the way to school.. My stomach was realy tight for some reason.. Nick stopped at McDonald's, and I kicked the bathroom stall door in since it was locked with a "out of order" sign. I was supposed to use the women's room.. heh.. I had excellent timing.. haha. The janitor walks in and the lock is like hanging off the door. I go.. ummm this toilet doesn't work.. then ran out and left. lol

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